International Year of Sanitation Presentation

Protection of Water Against Nitrate Pollution

Protocol on Water and Health 2006

Protocol on Water and Health

Joint Report Regional Wash Conference

Joint Report Sanitation Status

Documents from Bulgaria:

Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation G. Bardarska

CEHAPE Regional Priority Goal 1

Environment at a Glance Ukraine

Europe's Sanitation Problem

Sanitation is a Priority Presentation

Sanitation Profile Bulgaria

Stockholm Water Week 2008

Suatainable Sanitation for Rural Bulgaria

Достъп до информация за водите

ЕкоСан в България

План за управление на околна среда

Проект на Стратегия за устойчиво развитие на Република България

Стратегия за развитие на ВиК услугите на територията на Столична Община

Закон за регулиране на водоснабдителните и канализационни услуги

Национална стратегия за управление и развитие на водния сектор

Защо е важно да пестим вода

Documents from Kyrgyzstan:

Hygiene and Sanitation Rural Areas Kyrgyzstan 2008

Kyrgyzstan 2007

Policy Framework for Wnvironment and Sustainable Development Kyrgyzstan

Safe and Profitable Toilets

Safe Water and Sanitation

Suatainable Sanitation Otabek Bozarbaev

Swiss Development Cooperation in Water Sector

Проект по Гигиене и Санитарии в Сельской местности: 4, 5, 6

Сельский Проект Гигиены и Санитарии

Проект по Гигиене и Санитарии в Сельской Местности

Kонтрольный перечень вопросов при приемке туалетов

Сельское водопроводно -
канализационное хозяйство в
Кыргызской Республики

Безопасные и выгодные туалеты

Руководство по проектированию  санитарных сооружений

Стратегия Швейцарии по Центральной Азии в секторе водопользования на 2002 – 2006

Сельские бани и здоровье

Documents from Ukraine:

Heat Water Sanitation Ukraine

National Plans for Financing Water and Sanitation

Right to Water and Sanitation

Role of NGOs for Water and Sanitation

Rural Water and Sanitation Ukraine

Sanitation and Epidemiology

Urban Water and Sanitation Management

Water and Sanitation Coverage Ukraine

Water and Sanitation Planning

Water Supply and Sanitation Ukraine Vladimir Kuznyetsov

Вода, санітарія і гігієна для всіх

Опитът на Мама Мама--86’’ за въвеждане на сухи разделящи урината тоалетни в Украйна

Ефективно управление на канализационната

Documents from Uzbekizstan:

Access to Sanitation

Hygienic Aspects of Sanitation Uzbekistan Vietnam

Sanitation Profile Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Case Study

Uzbekistan Policy of Water Management and Usage Presentation

Water and Sanitation Coverage Uzbekistan

Water and Sanitation for Schools Uzbekistan

Water Supply and Sanitation Uzbekistan

Water Critical Resource for Uzbekistan Future

Water Sanitation Hygiene Aral Sea Area

WB Status of Contracts Uzbekistan 2007

Всемирный Банк в Центральной Азии

Water - Critical Resource for Uzbekistan’s Future:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Вода - жизненно важный ресурс для будущего Узбекистана: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Сув - Ўзбекистон келажаги учун муҳим ҳаётий ресурс: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

WASH coalition in Bulgaria:

WSSCC National Coordinator: Diana Iskreva-Idigo
Executive Director Earth Forever, Bulgaria

Tel./Fax: +359 42 63 46 41

WASH coalition in Kyrgyzstan:

WSSCC National coordinator: Zura Mendikulova

513 Frunze Street Apt. 5 Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan
Tel.: 996 312 215 853

WASH coalition in Ukraine:

WSSCC National coordinator: Anna Tsvietkova
Water and Sanitation Programme Coordinator
National Environmental NGO MAMA - 86

4 Yangel Academician Str., apt.126,
Kyiv 03057, Ukraine
Tel.: + 38 044 456 1338
Fax:+ 38 044 453 4796

WASH coalition in Uzbekizstan

WSSCC National coordinator: Oral Ataniyazova

P. O. Box 27, ul. Sharafa Rashidova 39a, 742012 Nukus, Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan

WASH coalition in Ukraine


WSSCC National coordinator is Anna Tsvietkova
Water and Sanitation Programme Coordinator
National Environmental NGO MAMA - 86
4 Yangel Academician Str., apt.126, Kyiv 03057, Ukraine
+ 38 044 456 1338
+ 38 044 453 4796 (fax)


List of participants of WASH activities in Ukraine:

  • All-Ukrainian environmental NGO MAMA-86 launched WASH campaign in 2003. 10 regional branches of MAMA-86 in:
    • city Artemivsk Donetska oblast;
    • city Feodosia AR Crimea;
    • city Mykolajv;
    • city Nizhyn Chernigiv oblast;
    • city Nova Kahovka Khersonska oblast;
    • city Odesa;
    • city Poltava;
    • city Sevastopol AR Crimea;
    • city Tatarbunary Odeska oblast;
    • city Yaremche;
  • Ukrainian Water Associations;
  • Water Information Center, Kiev;
  • LTD Slobozhans’kii soap maker, Kharkiv.
  • WASH Coalition Activities in International Year of Sanitation, 2008

    World Water Day – Sanitation and Hygiene Week info actions
    Actions for Water Day and Sanitation Week began on 15 March and included wide range of measures that were organized by regional branches of MAMA-86 and regional partners. Among these actions were: seminars, lectures, round tables and participation in the II AQUA Ukraine Donetsk - 2008 exhibition; lessons, quizzes and competitions at schools, pictures and essays competitions among school and kindergarten children, cleaning up actions of brooks, sources of drinking water, river banks and seacoast; expeditions along the channels and rivers banks, press-club for media and meetings with local citizens and authorities with a purpose of discussion water and sanitation problems. 

    At the end of March the analysis of local decentralized sources of drinking water supply on nitrates content has begun in 10 regions of Ukraine with the involvement of students and pupils. MAMA-86 announced about the journalist competition Adequate Sanitation - for every Ukrainian citizen!

    The Web site detail report on Water day actions in Kyiv and regions is available .

    World Toilet Day 2008
    On November, 19, 2008 Ukrainian National Environmental NGO MAMA-86 together with Water Information Center, Kiev, conducted an information actions devoted to the World Toilet Day.

    Several actions took place on this day in Water Information Center in Kiev, such as:

    • opening of new stand display;
    • demonstration of the film devoted to the International Year of Sanitation;
    • action WASH to promote Hygiene and hand washing;
    • awarding of winners of the journalist competition Adequate sanitation for every citizen of Ukraine!

    New stand display in the Water Information Center tells about access to sanitation and sanitation problems in the whole world and Ukraine and ways of solving them. It includes 8 posters, devoted to 6 themes:


  • Millennium Development Goals (MDG) on water and sanitation;
  • Ukraine: access to the sanitary conditions and MDG;
  • Modern classification of sanitary practices;
  • Technical solutions for waste waters and human excreta management;
  • Ecosanitation – ecologically friendly, efficient and safe;
  • Alternative sanitation technologies in Ukraine.
  • Within the framework of actions, devoted the International Year of Sanitation MAMA-86 with the financial support of WSSCC produced a short film. The first film show took place for the winners of journalist competition and participants of ecosan projects. Well known in Ukraine for his ecological films producer Volodymyr Kuznetsov shot the film. 5 minutes social film tells about connection between problems with water and sanitation in Ukraine, promotion of elementary rules of hygiene for healthy life and environment.

    Action WASH began in the “Water Information Center” from the very morning. It was directed on propaganda among children-visitors of the Center, of simplest and effective precautionary hygienic measures – hand washing with soap. Members of MAMA-86 told children about importance of observance of rules of the personal hygiene, about actions within the framework of Global Handwashing Day and World Toilet Day.

    Every child which visited Water Center that day was given a piece of soap as a gift with WASH and Global Handwashing Day logos. Nearly 500 pieces of soap were distributed among children on this day in the frame of action WASH.

    This day culmination was solemn proclamation of results of journalist competition: Adequate sanitation for citizen of Ukraine! conducted by NGO MAMA-86 from March, 20 to October, 30, 2008 within the framework of measures to the International Year of Sanitation.

    18 journalists have sent 36 articles which were published in 21 newspapers in Ukraine during the competition.

    For the evaluation of competitive works a jury was created that consisted of: Alla Malienko -  secretary of Union of Journalists, Kyiv, Oleksandr Popov -  director of Water Information Center” Kyiv, Valentin Kobzar - chief of department of Kyiv Vodokanal, Anna Golubovska-Onisimova - President NGO Mama-86, Olena Zubko - coordinator of project Ekotelefon NGO Mama-86 and  Anna Tsvietkova – WSSCC National Coordinator in Ukraine and coordinator of MAMA-86 program “Water and Sanitation.

    First place was not awarded. A jury acknowledged winners in two nominations: “sanitation” and “drinking water”. Diplomas of winners of competition for the 2nd place in nomination «sanitation» were awarded to 3 journalists: Olexander Galyas and Nataliya Kravchuk for the article How to get out dry from a “wet business”, newspaper Komsomol’skaya Pravda, 24-30 October 2008; Lana Borisova for the article How to go to Sir Edzya?, newspaper Ukraine today, 30 October 2008; Nina Korol’ for the article Big problem of small need, newspaper Kolo, 11 September 2008.

    Diplomas of winners of competition for the 2nd place in nomination «drinking water» were awarded to: Oleg Lystopad for the article Phenomena of “blue” babies published in a newspaper Selyans’ka Pravda, 15 August 2008; Inna Borisova for the article What water to drink – spring or mineral published in a newspaper Democratic Ukraine, 8 August 2008.

    In addition, Mama-86 awarded Larysa Novokhizhnu (a pseudonym is Lidiya Vinogradova) and Iryna Ganina with special diplomas for active participation in the competition and big contribution in raising public awareness on local ecological problems.

    Actions devoted to the World Toilet Day and International Year of Sanitation NGO MAMA-86 held together with Water Information Center, Kiev with the support of WSSCC, GWP CEE, EcoSanRes programme and SIDA.

    NGO MAMA-86 expresses its sincere gratitude to all participants of educational actions in the framework of the World Toilet Day and International Year of Sanitation with especial tanks to Water Information Center, Kyiv and LTD Slobozhans’kii soap maker, Kharkiv.
    Earth Forever
    Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council WSSCC
    Earth Forever home home